Summer on Åland - strawberries
Summer on Åland - strawberries

New Menu for season 2024 will appear  during season start.
The menu is having changes during the season due to the variations of products - fresh veggies and fruit and so on.
There are veggie and coeliac menu choises to order.
Kids will have their own menu.

During winter season 2024  we serve only preordered group meals at our restaurang.
Small Late evening meny  will be served after the regular kitchen hours.

The Harvest feast periods we have local products on our menu.

Midsummerfeast will have typical plate of heering - new potatoes and the famous Black BREAD  and of course strawberries.

Special Wine and  Cocktail, Liqueur list.

Beers from the local brewery of Stallhagen and wines and liquers and cocktails are on serve at our restaurang too. 

We trust and use local products as long as it is possible.

There is vege-and gluten free choices on menu.

Alcohol free drinks- beer and even coeliac free beer as choice.

Welcome to feast at our restaurang.