Booking and booking conditions

Booking a room directly on our webbsite 

Booking Terms and Conditions and How to Book and Travel

Booking Terms and Conditions and How to Book and Travel to Åland

Book a Room You can book rooms at Eckerö Hotel and Restaurant in the following ways:

Please note that during certain times the reception can be very busy, and we may kindly ask you to call back later.

  • Through the following websites: Eckerö Linjen or Ålandsresor. In connection with these bookings, you can also book passenger tickets and car spaces to and from Sweden. We are also bookable on Visit Åland's website.
  • Dear Customer! Departures from Grisslehamn to Eckerö Berghamn is the only short route currently available, while other routes exist, they can be significantly longer. We would encourage you to book ferry spaces for passenger tickets and car spaces directly on Eckerö Linjen.

Booking Options from Sweden

  • Alternative from Sweden: Finnlines from Kapellskär to Långnäs or from Naantali (Finnish side) to Långnäs. Please note that there are two new ferries in operation on this ferry route in 2024.
  • Travel to Åland: Click HERE for more information.
  • Viking Line or Tallink/Silja from Stockholm
  • From Mainland Finland:
    • Viking Line or Tallink/Silja or Finnlines
    • Archipelago ferries from Osnäs/Korpo
  • Contact Eckerö Hotel and Restaurant: Call or email us directly. Here are our contact details. NOTE: During low season (January-April/October-December), it is best to email or call for bookings, as rooms are not always open for online booking automatically during low season. On some weekends during the low season, rooms are also bookable on our website. Please check and see.
  • Room Availability: Not all rooms or room types will be available on every booking channel. The latest information on available rooms is always with the hotel, so contact us directly if no rooms are seemingly available.
  • Booking Channels: We are also available on channels such as, Expedia/, Visit Åland/Ålandsresor, etc. Please be aware that any bookings made by customers through these sites cannot be changed or canceled by the hotel; customers must do so on these sites using their own PIN code.

Additional Policies

  • Pets: We do NOT accommodate pets!
  • Breakfast: Taste of Åland is served from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM local Finnish time.

Number of People per Room

Please respect the specified number of people per room type. The hotel accommodates according to the directives provided by the accommodation law for each room type based on cubic and square meters, and the maximum limit may not be exceeded under any cirucmstances. Extra beds cannot be automatically added to all room types, nor can the number of permitted children be exceeded.

NOTE: Only one child under 3 years old can share a bed with two adults in a Standard double room, no more. The hotel is entitled to additional payment if the room type must be changed or extra beds must be added. In the Economy rooms R2U on the second floor (stairs), a maximum of two adults can stay per room. These cannot be used for families with children.

Please note that we do not accommodate pets.

Booking Terms and Cancellation

Booking Terms for Individual Rooms

The booking terms for individual rooms booked directly on our website, by phone, or via email will be sent by email upon confirmed booking.

Advance payment for the entire booking is authorized at least 3 days before the arrival date.

Room bookings are confirmed via email using the customer's credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code.

The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards or take advance payment for the full booked amount.

A single room booked for one night can be canceled free of charge (minus the handling fee – see below) no later than three days before the arrival date. The reservation amount is charged directly after booking.

Bookings made less than 3 days before the arrival date are binding. Payment is taken directly from the customer's payment card.

Any cancellations related to this policy apply only to bookings made on our own website online at Cancellations must always be sent to our email: for verification.

If you book multiple rooms, 3 or more, or for at least 10 people (a so-called small group booking), the booking terms are different.

A so-called small group booking is binding 4 weeks before the arrival date, and the booking becomes payable immediately.

NOTE: Any refunds require an IBAN account number and SWIFT/BIC code, and a €15 handling fee is deducted for international transactions (within Finland, €15) when the customer has paid for their accommodation in advance.

Bookings made on other websites should naturally be canceled there according to their terms and conditions.

NOTE: Check-in starts AFTER 3:00 PM local time and closes no later than directly after the arrival of the Eckerö Linjen ferry at 11:00 PM local time. Please notify us of your probable check-in time. Check-out is no later than 12:00 PM noon local time.

Any refunds require an IBAN account number and SWIFT/BIC code. A handling fee of €15 is deducted for international transactions (within Finland, €15) when the customer has paid for their accommodation in advance.


Golf Packages and Bookings All golf packages and bookings for golf start times must be confirmed separately by the hotel via email to the customer in advance. We manually book times for Eckerö Golf (GOLF ID/handicap/club name), and some adjustments to start times may occur.

Golf bookings must be made at least 7 days before the arrival date. Freely cancelling an already booked and confirmed golf starting time can be done no later than 7 days before said start time. After that, the golf course has the right to require full payment if they wish. Hotel package bookings with golf times can be canceled free of charge at least 7 days before the arrival date; after that, 100% payment is required. Bookings made for golf packages 7 days or less before the arrival date are binding.

Specific Booking Terms

Specific booking terms may apply as stated in the booking confirmation if the booking includes, for example, stays during high season, special offers, packages, off-season bookings, one or more rooms, multiple nights, cups/training/events/weekends, or group bookings for at least 10 people.

If the customer fails to follow the booking and cancellation terms, Eckerö Hotel and Restaurant is entitled to charge 100% payment for the entire booked period.

Please note that we do not accommodate pets.

Electric Cars

Electric (and hybrid) cars can be charged at various locations in Åland, and one option is in Käringsund within walking distance of the hotel.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept MasterCard and VISA and Amex.
We will switch to the PayTrail payment system in our online booking system by week 29 of 2024 (Late July).
This means that from then on bank or credit cards will be charged directly at the time of booking.

Seasonal Prices

Prices vary during the season. Please check our online booking at:

We reserve the right to change prices.

Contact Information:

Eckerö Hotel and Restaurant Ab

Business ID: 0816103-6


Phone number: +358 (0) 18 38447

Address: Käringsundsvägen 53

AX-22270 Eckerö, Åland, Finland